WORRY! But worry about the important things.


On the right, we see an EVIL sippy cup, and on the left; a very SAFE regular cup. Feel free to ignore the smudges on the window, I’ll vinegar them in my free time (HA! Free time).

When people say “don’t worry,” it makes my face twitch. If you are a parent; you should be worrying your BUTT off! What is there in their lives that you don’t need to worry about? Seriously? You have to keep an eye on the nutritional value of their food, the education of their school experience, the friends they make, the choices they are making, the toys they play with, if they wash their hands after going to the bathroom, if they have a poopy diaper, not putting dirt in their mouths, not falling off the slide head first, talking to the insistently so that they may speak someday, reading the right books to them, making sure they don’t nose dive off the couch…the list is literally endless. I never tell people (especially parents) not to worry, because I firmly believe you SHOULD worry. That’s your job as the parent, because guess what? Given the opportunity, kids make very bad/uneducated/ ignorant choices. It’s not necessarily their fault, it’s just that they don’t have the experience to know everything yet. That’s why we (the parents) exist, to teach them. If we don’t, then someone else will (or won’t).

But worrying ALL the time about EVERYTHING is exhausting, and quite frankly, not good for you. What you should do, is worry about the things that REALLY matter. Take for instance; the picture above. I was stressed about how my son is going to fit in at preschool, if he is still sipping from a sippy cup (he’s 2 years 5 months old). I gradually took the sippy away and gave him a regular cup. He had been using the regular cup at mealtimes at the table anyway, so it wasn’t a huge switch. But I noticed he went from drinking over 6 grown up glasses worth of water a day, down to maybe 1 or 2. That’s a pretty big hydration difference. Hydration is a big issue for little kids, especially ones that already have bowel problems. Little Man doesn’t necessarily have bowel problems, but I certainly don’t want to start any.

I thought about it for a moment and realized I was worrying more about him fitting in and meeting a small milestone, then I should have been. I think it’s more important that he concentrate on his ABA, managing his anger, working on reading (he already knows his letters), and learning how to communicate. If that means he’s signing with a sippy cup in one hand, then who cares? Maybe within the next couple of months, he’ll make the switch on his won, maybe not. I know some other parents with special kids that are 5 years old and still sipping. Is it really that important? Maybe he will get made fun of. Maybe he will get weird looks. But his body will feel better being hydrated, and he’ll feel better having the comfort and sensation that the cup provides.

So instead of worrying about cup usage; I’m going to worry about what’s for dinner.

You should do the same


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