Social media is like a poisoned apple


You hear about social media all the time, you see it on everyone’s phone. One of two things will go through your mind; “what a dumb idea to get people to pay even less attention to each other” or “oh cool, now I can stay in contact with everyone!” Both of these statements are true, and more.

Social media looks nice; like an apple. An apple is wholesome, delicious, nutritious, and you’ve been told it’s good for you. In many ways, an apple is extremely good for you. But if you drink an entire jug of apple cider; you’ll get the runs. If you spend too much time on social media; you begin to lose sight of the important things, and may lose track of more than just time. You may be subjected to things that you don’t want to be subjected to. You may see things that go against your core beliefs. You may hear stories that make you want to rip out your heart. You may see photos of things that no matter how hard you try; you can’t forget them. You may read articles about things that make you lose all hope in the universe and especially in human kind. This is especially true if you have children with “special needs” or as I like to call it; “an overabundance of awesomeness.”

Picture this; you are scrolling through your feed, checking on family and friends, when you come across an article all about how a child with Autism was beaten to death by other kids. Who in their right mind wants to see this? No one. But everyone NEEDS to see it because it opens their eyes to problems that are out there and things that need to be dealt with (not just shoved under the carpet). People need to read the bad stories, the horror stories; so that they are reminded that real life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are mosquito-hearted people out there, and you must stay vigilant. At the same time, this poison in the apple can cause permanent damage or even death to people.

By seeing time and again how people can be heartless and down right demonic, it can lead a person to lose all hope in the world. It can cause parents to make drastic changes (for good or bad) in their kids’ lives. People see a miracle cure for Autism in rats that were fed purely fruits and vegetables and suddenly the child’s favorite foods are all gone. Parents read an article about a child being murdered by classmates and they decide to home-school (this is actually a good effect, but you get the point). People post endless injustices that they feel are taking place in the world, they complain endlessly about their days and their situations, and it takes a toll on everyone. It’s important to remember that this poison apple is also an apple; and it is the “apple” part that keeps you alive.

Posting positive messages by people overcoming mental/physical battles is heart warming. Posts that show people of adversity conquering their demons is a reminder to everyone that; you too, can do this. Positive posts can show people going through the same thing you are, and defeating the same darkness that you are. Without seeing what other people have accomplished, sometimes it’s impossible for us to even imagine such a goal. A person feeling helpless that their child can’t partake in Halloween because they are in a wheelchair; can see the post about the dad making his son’s chair into an awesome costume that beats the pants off all the others. Without posts about children learning how to talk by using the latest gadgets, other parents may never have known that was even an option. Watching simple videos about kittens or seeing simple memes with positive words that have a flower backdrop, can lighten a heavy mood.

My least favorite person on social media, is the person that never posts anything positive, or the person who always posts the same things. If all you ever do is complain, and you never post anything uplifting, chances are; you’ve been deleted or your notifications have been turned off. If you show nothing but all of the struggles people face today, but never show me a person overcoming them; you will be deleted. Do you think I endlessly talk about how life is a struggle for reasons A, B, and C? Nope. I post a “poor me” post maybe once a week or every other week. The rest of the time; I try and post things that are real life drama but also real life beauties. I’ll post about how feminism isn’t about “girl power” but about equality. I post animal clips from BBC and Jeff Corwin. I’ll post the meme to help lift your spirits, and post videos of people doing the unthinkable. I want you to live a happy life, but I want you to live it with your eyes open.

I don’t partake in the poison apple everyday. Some days; I want the whole world to shut the H*ll up and leave me alone. Other days; I look for those that have been through what I have, and give me a way to make that connection. Other times I just want to see a pointless meme about cats being jerks. While other days; I need a recipe for my cookie collection. Seeing reality on the news or in people’s stories can (at times) be overwhelming, and it should be. This is real life; not a fantasy. But real life doesn’t have to be darkness and sadness all the time either. Take a bite out of the poison apple. Enjoy the sweet scent of children being treated as equals, instead of inferiors to one another. Enjoy the crunch of a person doing an unforgettable stunt. Smell the bitterness of a reality clip portraying horror in the world. Keep it forever in your mind; so that you may try and make the world a better place. Always remember; this is your life. You choose how much of the apple to not only eat; but also what kind you choose to feed to others.

Be kind, my friends.

Blessed Be ♥


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